Scud Stud (residual_lines) wrote,
Scud Stud

Time, you harlot!

While sifting through my livejournal, I noticed I had not posted an entertaining story in some time. After light deliberation, I thought that facebook could provide sufficient inspiration for a story about my life in the past few months.

Facebook is after all, the social networking site that not only jogs the mind's memory, but also serves to jolt it into more God fearing behavior (See "Photo's tagged of you" [which more aptly may be titled, "right before you passed out" or "that time you swore you would only have one shoot...and you lied to yourself"])

But I decided that facebook itself was funnier than any story I could rehash. Let it be known that I am an avid facebook addict; I figure it is better than heroin (mostly because facebook is cheaper). So, I am knowingly a pawn in the great game of social networking...but so are you, probably.....and my guess is that we both love it.

I mean, consider, where else can you upload hundreds of embarrassing photos of your friends to the interweb, "untag" yourself in the photos your friends uploaded of you, and pretend like you are fighting injustice through facebook petitions.

The good Lord has provided, and he has provided us with Facebook. Enjoy.
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