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...of a chemical reaction

Scud Stud
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I live in an old house. There is lots of dust. Most of my time is occupied by music, friends, and learning. I believe strongly in education beyond mere survival...but perhaps surviving is the greatest form of education....Maybe if you are smart enough you will tell me.

This is my personal soapbox. Be wary if you fear cleanliness or bubbles.
..I like bubbles..

I suppose you all (vosotros)should know that I am one of those spineless liberal types in college. With big plans of living a cushy middle class life in my brick house with no children.
12-string, acoustic, adbusters, aesop rock, against me!, agnosticism, alkaline trio, anarchy, ancient egypt, anti-flag, anti-racist action, artificial intelligence, asian man records, atmosphere, autonomy, bad religion, bassoons, being barefoot, bjork, black holes, blenko, blimps, blue meanies, boa, caffinated soap, captain crunch, carl sagan, cereal, charm, christmas lights, chucks, clerks, codeseven, counter-culture, cowboy bebop, crimethinc, dada, dahli, dan potthast, dane cook, death cab for cutie, deathcab for a cutie, design, digression, discover magazine, donnie darko, dr. strangelove, eddie izzard, envirothon, existentialism, explosions, farside comics, fencing, flip flops, freedom, fugazi, furniture, gaudi, genetics, glass, goldfrapp, governments, guitars, happy noodle boy, hesi, history, howard zinn, hugs, human interactions, hunter thompson, indy media, indymedia, johnny cash, kevin smith, kill hannah, kill me kate, kilts, less than jake, light, lightning, liturature, lucid dreaming, lucky charms watches, mental illness, mr. potato head, mu330, neon genesis evangelion, noam chomsky, nuclear reactions, oi!, operation ivy, peace, permanent markers, philosophy, photography, physics, polymers, pretending to be interesting, programming poorly, quantum theory, quiet eyes, quintron, red dwarf, root beer, rubber bands, sabotage, sarcasm, saves the day, saving boy wonder, science, science fiction, science olympiad, seti institute, sham 69, ska, skanking, sleep, subcultures, surrealism, sxe, taking things apart, the (international) noise conspiracy, the creepy crawl, the elegant universe, the eyeliners, the impossibles, the juliana theory, the metric system, the smiths, the superstring theory, thought criminals, two tone, two-tone, ultra-violence, unitarian universalist, unity, unusual hair, usfa, vinyl records, violent sects, water quality, wesley willis, wit, zines